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𝓢tephie ⩰ ℒuminousdaze
14 July 2018 @ 11:02 pm
Sig tags made for challenges at [community profile] lands_of_magic.
All were previously posted @ [community profile] the_full_court.

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𝓢tephie ⩰ ℒuminousdaze
05 July 2018 @ 08:18 pm

I've been watching lots adult coloring/colorists videos on Youtube lately & so when this challenge came around at Land of Art to color fandom pages it was perfect timing. I wanted to try digitally coloring pages with a more 'painterly' look. Though I don't have any experience painting coloring pages with real//traditional media paint to begin with. Well, not since I was little & used those fun paint-with-water coloring books.
I haven't really taken much time to make anything with Krita in a while & the last version I used has was 2 or 3. I'm so used to using GIMP, but Krita is a million times better for digital coloring & just using my tiny graphics tablet in general.

This one is sort a mess but my favorite, if I don't say so myself. I tried to give it a real digital painting look. I used the default water color brushes to fill the sky & the default star field texture brush to add extra sparkles. I drew shiny scales on her tail because mermaids, of course, have bio-luminescence.

Coloring page of Ariel

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𝓢tephie ⩰ ℒuminousdaze
02 June 2018 @ 06:25 pm
For tv_universe's scavenger hunt part 2
Total so far: 12 items

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