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Digital Colorings

I've been watching lots adult coloring/colorists videos on Youtube lately & so when this challenge came around at Land of Art to color fandom pages it was perfect timing. I wanted to try digitally coloring pages with a more 'painterly' look. Though I don't have any experience painting coloring pages with real//traditional media paint to begin with. Well, not since I was little & used those fun paint-with-water coloring books.
I haven't really taken much time to make anything with Krita in a while & the last version I used has was 2 or 3. I'm so used to using GIMP, but Krita is a million times better for digital coloring & just using my tiny graphics tablet in general.

This one is sort a mess but my favorite, if I don't say so myself. I tried to give it a real digital painting look. I used the default water color brushes to fill the sky & the default star field texture brush to add extra sparkles. I drew shiny scales on her tail because mermaids, of course, have bio-luminescence.

Coloring page of Ariel

This one went wrong from the start in that I couldn't decide on colors, but I do like the clumpy look of the 'paint.'
The Little Mermaid coloring page with Ariel & Flounder.

On this one I used the new (or new to me) default Impressionist brush to paint the sky.

Aladdin & Princess Jasmine coloring page

I do better with kids' coloring pages! On this one I got tired of the little details. I like the figures of the Fourth Doctor & K9 but the tiny chess board squares were not inspiring me at all so I didn't color them like a real chess board & it wound up looking like he's in a retro indoor swimming pool in space. And I made a mess of his scarf. Don't look too closely Who fans.

DOCTOR WHO Fourth Doctor + K9 coloring page

Speaking of Doctors Who, here are my old coloring pages which I did for the "Who-odles" Twelve Days of the the Twelfth Doctor activity at [community profile] dwstills, they disappoint me now. If I remember right, I used GIMP 2.8 & Krita 3 to coloring these pages.

Twelfth Doctor coloring page with words punk rock doctor in large letters over the page 12th Doctor Coloring page 10th Doctor coloring page

The Little Mermaid
coloring pages from LittleAriel, Aladdin coloring page from JustColor (Kids).
Doctor Who coloring pages from JustColor.net.

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