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TVU Challenge 1415: Scavenger Hunt Part 2

For tv_universe's scavenger hunt part 2
Total so far: 12 items

find/make a screencap of an alien landscape
from Doctor Who

a character dresses up as another character
post a song about your OTP
screencap of a rainbow
find a screencap of a fighting scene from your favourite film
a woman carrying a to-go cup of coffee

your favorite TV actor in something you've never seen
Peter Capaldi in Paddington 2

find a screencap of an episode which has a couple kissing

a man reading a newspaper
from Lost

create a 10-image picspam of your favorite non-human characters

make a picspam of your favorite series, that is already canceled
a pic of a space monster

someone giving/receiving a gift

a picture of someone of horseback
from Merlin
make an icon of your favorite TV character
find a screencap with someone with a tattoo in it

find a funny gif of your favourite character doing something silly
a screencap including an object with colorful stars on it
a pic of/relating to your favourite game
find a fandom icon featuring a quote from another fandom
any female superhero
a t-shirt based on Parks and Recreation
find a fanmix featuring the first song that comes up on your shuffle
find a gif of one of your favorite movie/tv scenes
a photo you've taken yourself, of a bird or a fish
make a 5-10 image collage of your favorite fantasy or science fiction character
make a graphic with fairies
a picture of someone playing a board game
take a picture of a slice of pizza
playing games

an LGBTQ character

Jamal from Empire

close-up of a hand
from Doctor Who

screencap of a vampire
any type of graphic of characters dancing

a gif or picture of someone crying
from Lost

beach/body of water
from Lost
a character wearing neon clothes
make a wallpaper of your favourite show or film
create a poster for your favorite fantasy or science fiction show or movie
make a figure of a fruit or vegetable and take a photo of it.

a movie starting with the first letter of your name

make a picspam from movie posters of your favorite films

star constellations


make an icon from an animated fantasy or science fiction movie or tv show
teddy bear/stuffed animals
take/find an image of a favorite fantasy or science fiction book cover
graphics based on lyrics from your favorite song
find a lovebar featuring the colors of the rainbow
two icons of Lemon Breeland
animals behaving like humans
take a picture of the last thing you see before going to bed
take a picture of an Avenger
an animated gif of someone laughing
cap or picture of sunshine
a welcome sign
make an icon of a woman wearing a hat
a picture of a book that inspired a movie or tv show
text-only graphic
a mug of grumpy cat
make a graphic featuring the last TV show you watched
a picture of your favorite mug

a pic of something you find inspiring
a screencap from a movie/tv show/cartoon that you like, of a character drinking your favorite thing to drink.
screencap of an actor playing two different people in the same scene
find an icon (not made by or for you) of your favorite animal
a female action figure
take a picture of a spaceship
make a color palette from your favorite fantasy or science fiction movie poster

two screencaps of Idris Elba in different roles
The Dark Tower & Pacific Rim

click this link and make an icon of the image you get (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:Random/File)
make at least 3 icons of your OTP
write down your favorite quote and make a picture from it
characters swimming in the ocean/sea
from Song of the Sea

a photo or cap of the movie that won best picture in the year you were born
a golf ball on a tee
a picture of your workspace
make a picspam of your favourite actor/actress in various tv shows/films etc
seasons changing
any type of graphic of something magical
a masquerade mask
take a photo of a fandom t-shirt
a talking animal from a tv show or movie

items considered to be lucky
take a picture of a fandom thing you own (like action toy, or a book of your show, a poster, things like that)
take a picture (or screenshot) of your favourite film DVD
take a photo of your favourite item of clothing or jewellery accessory

a photo or screencap of hair porn, fandom or stock
from Empire

make at least 3 icons of your favourite tv detective/investigator

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