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fandom bingo graphics

For [community profile] lands_of_magic challenge 1.07. Prompt bingo fills.

Bingo Card #1: three prompts used (words) confusion, clouds, game (one line bingo).

Prompt filled: confusion
Subject: Doctor Who
Media: Picspam
Prompt filled: clouds
Subject: Doctor Who
Media: sigtags

landsomagic-bingoprompts-clouds-who-sig001 landsomagic-bingoprompts-clouds-who-sig002 landsomagic-bingoprompts-clouds-who-sig003

Prompt filled: game
Subject: Lost x2, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Media: sigtags

landsomagic-bingoprompts-game-lost-001 landsomagic-bingoprompts-game-lost-002 landsomagic-bingoprompts-game-hpfilm1-siggy1

Bingo Card #2: three prompts used (words) color of magic, discovery, green (one line bingo).

Prompt filled: color of magic
Subject: Once Upon a Time
Media: sigtags

landsomagic-bingoprompts-magiccolor-sig001 landsomagic-bingoprompts-magiccolor-sig002 landsomagic-bingoprompts-magiccolor-sig003

Prompt filled: discovery
Subject: Star Trek: Discovery
Media: sigtags

landsomagic-bingoprompts-disco-trek-sig001 landsomagic-bingoprompts-disco-trek-sig002 landsomagic-bingoprompts-disco-trek-sig003

Prompt filled: green
Subject: Doctor Who
Media: sigtags

landsomagic-bingoprompts-green-who-sig001 landsomagic-bingoprompts-green-who-sig002 landsomagic-bingoprompts-green-who-sig003

Bingo Card #3: three prompts used (words)  distance, free space: blues, soulmates (one line bingo).

Prompt filled: distance
Subject: Doctor Who
Media: sigtags
landsomagic-bingoprompts-distance-sig0002 landsomagic-bingoprompts-distance-sig0003 landsomagic-bingoprompts-distance-sig001

Prompt filled: free square: blue
Subject: Doctor Who & Humans
Media: sigtags
landsomagic-bingoprompts-blueblue-sig0003 landsomagic-bingoprompts-blue-sig002 landsomagic-bingoprompts-blueblue-sig0002

Prompt filled: soulmates
Subject: The Lord of the Rings & Doctor Who
Media: sigtags
landsomagic-bingoprompts-soulmates-sig0002 landsomagic-bingoprompts-soulmates-sig001 landsomagic-bingoprompts-soulmates-sig0003

Credits: Screencaps from destruction_box (LJ), homeofthenutty.com, genrecaps.net, screencapped (LJ)


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