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Mix & Match Graphics

Originally posted by luminousdaze at Mix & Match Graphics
Graphics for gameofcards Challenge 4.30: Fandom Mix & Match.
Description: Description Take a quote from one fandom and put it on a graphic for another fandom.
I mixed and matched Absolutely Fabulous, Lost, Once Upon A Time, Mad Men and Supernatural.

Once Upon A Time images with quotes from Absolutely Fabulous.
The Snow Queen quotes Saffy, Cruella De Vill quotes Patsy and it fits her perfectly.

Mad Men and Absolutely Fabulous.
Betty quotes Patsy. The reverse crossover I'm not happy with the design but I'll post it anyhow. Edina quotes Peggy.

Absolutely Fabulous with LOST quotes.
The quotes are from the Room 23 video & the Lost Experience bonus material. Edina quotes the message heard on the video in reverse as her mantra because I've always liked it myself. It seems to fit a poster so I made a poster. Saffy quotes the video's text, not happy with the text & black and white but can't be bothered to remake it now.

Supernatural meets Absolutely Fabulous.

These aren't fancy at all just for my own twisted amusement. And I'm extremely amused with them!

image host image host

extras where I messed with the colors etc
image host image host

Credits:OUaT caps by genrecaps,
SPN caps from grande_caps
brushes on Betty graphic by designercandies
lost logo from dafont
Ab Fab caps by leavemethewhite
Lost info from lostpedia
Mad Men quotes from the web, Ab Fab quotes transcribed by me, so there may be mistakes in exactness.
Tags: absolutely fabulous, jacob loves you, land comm challenge, lost, once upon a time, supernatural
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