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03 May 2014 @ 08:06 pm
spring cleaning  
I very much doubt anyone is interested, but fyi I'm permanently deleting much of my old graphics (pre-2012) from Photobucket.
Graphics the mid-2000s fandoms and some more recent will be deleted:
Heroes, Invasion, Smallville, Terminator TSCC, Tin Man, and all other fandom & stock icons/graphics pre-2012.

For now things from these fandoms will not be deleted:
The Lord of the Rings, LOST, Fringe, Merlin, musicians & singers any moodthemes.

I might start posting graphics here again - though I haven't been making many things except for challenge communities & some icontests - but I'd like to get my Photobucket in order.

ETA: It was worse than I'd thought. Likely all of my icon posts will have broken links for a few weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience. This won't be a one-day project.
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