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12 November 2012 @ 04:44 pm
Fanmix for Ryan from Wilfred  
This was going to be an entry for the Land of Art community challenge but I didn't have enough tracks to qualify for any points when the deadline came around.

Character fanmix for Ryan from Wilfred (U.S. TV series).

 photo cover0023.jpg

 photo cover00234444.jpg

Please click on the little eighth notes ( ♪♪♪) after each title to go to the Youtube video.

1."So Alone" - Juliana Hatfield ♪♪♪

And you're
Talking to yourself
Is this really happening?
And I'm talking to myself
Is anybody listening?

You're so alone
You're so alone
You want to die
And nobody knows


2."I'm Not Like Everybody Else" - The Chocolate Watch Band ♪♪♪

Do anything that you want me to,
Confess all my sins like you want me to,
There's one thing that I will say to you,
I'm not like everybody else


3."Pretend That You're Alone Now" - Keane ♪♪♪ (Ryan/Wilfred)

Pretend that you're alone now
And everything's gone
Just primal desire
No right and no wrong
Forget about the future
Forget about blame


4."My Delirium" - Ladyhawke ♪♪♪ or ♪♪♪

Still here in this quiet room
Deep in delusion sending me over
Outside watch the world go by
Inside time stands still as I wonder


5."Charm Attack" - Leona Naess ♪♪♪

And he numbs himself with weed
He's from the coldest breed who judge by what they see
And I though he was smart enough to know that the girl on his arm will never calm his storms
Watch out! He'll charm you.
Smoother than the L.A. weather that's how he holds himself together
He is colder than the winter


6. "It's Not" -- Aimee Mann ♪♪♪ (Ryan/Amanda)

And let me fall into the dream of the astronaut
Where I get lost in space that goes on forever
And you make all the rest just an afterthought
And I believe it's you who could make it better
Though it's not
No it's not
No it's not.


Extra "liner" page

 photo RyanWilfredIBW00125699839.jpg
 photo RyanWilfredIBW00125639.jpg
 photo RyanWilfredIBW2.jpg
 photo cover00269534444.jpg
 photo cover0023.jpg

I also just posted some more new Wilfred wallpapers!

I'm not an expert on the series, I just starting watching Wilfred last spring as a "symptom" of the 2012-unexplained-Elijah-Wood-crush-phenomenon. So, I don't know if these songs were ever on the series soundtrack or or not but if they were then that would be funny.
I still haven't seen a lot of the season one episodes because I don't want to buy them to just watch them one time.

Edit (2014): Broken image links fixed. Sorry if music links are broken.
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