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Trick Or Treat

Trick or Treat

Snagged from raikune:

Comment "trick-or-treat" to this post and you shall be rewarded! :)
Treats can be anything I choose to bestow upon thee, oh merry trick-or-treater (icons/graphics (fandom or stock), mini fanmixes, a scary audio-recording where I read you spooky poem/story excerpt and so on.**) The more "houses" to visit the merrier, so go ahead and open up your journal as well, if you please.

*Edited for stuff I am able actually do.
** I need an excuse to do more of these voice-acting experiments. ;)
I can't promise it will be a great "treat" but I like trying it. lol
If you would like me to look into recording one of your short fics as your "treat" you must say it's OK when you reply below.

If you are from one of my icontests but not yet on my friends' list I will likely give you an icon or graphic. Be sure to track the comment you leave or you won't ever see your treat. :)

My door closes November 1st for visitors.
Friends can knock anytime before November 4th.
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