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Icons & Graphics Update

For challenges at Land of Art: 44 icons & 6 large graphics
A set of 10 emotional icons.
A set of 20 icons Yahoo! Messenger Emoticon Based Icons for Part 2
4 wallpapers and 2 misc graphics
14 other icons (most are variations)
Themes: The Lord of the Rings, TV Comedy/Comedians, Doctor Who, Merlin and Fringe

Edit: All of the thumbnails I posted aren't links at all I do not understand the logic of the new Scrapbook.
I apologize most of these LOTR emotional icons turned out a bit creepy!

Emoticon Icon Challenge

Part 1 [The Lord of the Rings]
#1: Happy #2: Hypnotized#3: Furious#4: Inspired#5: Laugh
#6: Sick#7: Tearful#8: Panicked#9: Winking#10: Worried

Part 2 [TV Comedy/Comedians: The Simpsons, Futurama, Stephen Colbert]
#1: Angry #2: Clown#3: Cool#4: Crying#5: No Want to See
#6: Devilish#7: D'oh!#8: Happy#9: Heartbroken#10: Laughing
#11: Nerd#12: Raised Eyebrow#13: Rolls Eye (s)#14: Sad(s)#15: Straight-Faced
#16: Tell No One#17: Thumbs Up#8: Thinking#19:Waiting#10: Worried

"Texturized" Challenge

For this challenge we were given 5 textures by the moderator to use in our graphics.
Entry #1.
Supplied texture:
image host

Result: Wallpaper ~ Doctor Who and Rose
Entry #2:
Supplied texture:
image host

Result: Wallpaper ~ Olivia/Peter from Fringe
Entry #3:
Supplied texture:
image host

Result: Wallpaper ~ Morgana from Merlin
Entry #4:
Supplied texture:
image host

Result: Wallpaper ~ Frodo from The Lord of the Rings
Yes, the bird on this one got all elongated when I stretched the texture but I still liked it in there. Let's just call it a Middle-earth species.
Entry #5:
Supplied texture:
image host

Result: Tumblr Graphic ~ Frodo from Lord of the Rings


Poster Style graphics made from the same texture as the wallpaper
Frodo Poster
Poster w/ no Text

Icon Alternates/Variations
LOTR alternates for furious, devlish & panicked. The others are variations on the ones in the tables and from the bigger graphics.

I accidently left this one of emoticons set it's for "on the telephone."

If using icons credit is appreciated but not demanded.
Comments are loved :)
Please don't post to other sites w/o asking me.
Textures on icons by trapne,drankmywar, reyesphile& myself
The LOTR poster/wallpaper was inspired by this pretty icon by beautifullauren
Additional textures on wallpapers by sanami276.deviantart.com & lostandtaken.com
Futurama caps from http://cleverocity.com/futurama
LOTR caps by me
Picture in poster from frodoforever.com all other pictures from daydreamingnet and ?

Tags: doctor who, fringe, futurama, graphics, icons, land of art, lord of the rings, lotr, merlin, the simpsons
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