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Pop, Rock & Alternative Music wallpapers
featuring women in music from the 80s, 90s, 2000s & today!
[These were made for a challenge at land of art so they are supposed to be themed to fit prompts. ]
15 wallpapers [1280x1024]
1 animated (gif) wallpaper [1280x1024]
1 picspam

I made these about two weeks ago, and looking back, on some of these there are a LOT of colors. So ready your retinas!

16 wallpapers
Themes: Aliens, Blend, Circular, Fantasy, Four Squares, Green, Light, Magic, Music, Texture Use, Repeat, Upside Down, Vivid, Yellow, Dream

Aliens [Blue Earth Version] Blend Adele
Aliens  [Blue Earth Version] Blend
Circular Cyndi Lauper & Lady Gaga MAC lipstick Duality {Animated Wallpaper]
Circular Duality {Animated Wallpaper]
Fantasy Sarah McLachlan Four Square Sade
Fantasy Four Square
Green Kate Bush Light Eurythmics
Green Light
Magic Tori Amos w/ lyrics from "Datura" Music Bjork
Magic Music
Texture Use Florence Welch Sky Gwen Stefani
Texture Use Sky
Repeat Bjork Upside Down Fiona Apple
Repeat Upside Down
vivid colors Madonna Yellow Lady Gaga in "Telephone"
vivid colors Yellow

Remixes [variations]

Aliens [Star Burst Monchrome Version] Aliens [Star Burst Version]
Aliens [Star Burst Monchrome Version] Aliens [Star Burst Version]
Blend [alt] Adele
Blend [alt]
vivid colors (alt) Madonna
vivid colors (alt)
Alien Queen Gaga B&W Poster
Alien Queen Gaga B&W Poster

Dream [picspam]
Dream [picspam]

images from gagafan.net, Bing & Google image search
Eurythmics & Sade screen caps are by me.
other credits:
Textures by lostandtaken.com
Brushes by Ramon Miranda's GIMP Paint Studio
Colorful textures by http://sanami276.deviantart.com/
Cloud photos by me
Credit for other astronomy pictures & all other textures & brushes please see link in sidebar.
Please don't upload to Fan Pop.
Tags: bat for lashes, graphics, land of art, musicians, sade, singers, tori amos, wallpaper, wallpapers,
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