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12 December 2011 @ 03:53 pm
Using LJ Hook for Easy Sig Tag Access  
I just posted this to a members only community but I'll put it here for anyone who participates in land comm challenges.

You probably have gotten a ton of pretty gift sig tags or maybe even made yourself far too many. Who can resist the narcissistic thrill that comes with making graphics with your own name on it? I know I can't!
So now that you've got a bunch of tags how do you use them without taking the time to copy & paste each time you enter a challenge?

I'll show you in this quick tutorial.
It requires the Firefox browser and the LJ Hook add-on.

Info & downloads are here.


If LJ Hook isn't up to date with the newest Firefox you can hack it to work using this tutorial (at your own risk).


Once LJ Hook is installed, open it by right clicking in any LiveJournal comment or new entry window,
{See figure 001}

From the main window, click on New Menu to create a folder for your smiles or sig tags (optional) otherwise they will display in the default smilies menu.
I have made a "Tags" folder and when I click on it I can add any new tags to my menu.
{See Figure 02}
Add your new image URL into the menu by click "New Smilie" and pasting it into the dialog box.
{Figure 03}
Now when you post or comment you can right click and access your tags almost instantly.
{Figure 04}

If you want your tag to rotate then get a free account at http://www.random-image.net/
upload your images to an image host that allows direct linking (or use the one at random-image) and set up a new rotating image with as many tags as you want per link.

Then follow the same steps above.

LJ Hook Tags Figure 001 open by right click
LJ Hook Tags Figure 001
LJ Hook Tags Figure 02 Manager Window
LJ Hook Tags Figure 02
LJ Hook Tags Figure 03 Add URL into Dialog
LJ Hook Tags Figure 03
Last Step Insert Tags
Last Step Insert Tags

LoA Stock Tags
One more thing, if you want to add smilies to your menu (as seen in the tutorial views) go to http://www.thesmilies.com/ and copy the free codes they provide into your smilies manager. Because everyone knows that LJ needs more smilies!
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dance with those lions: firefly: I love my captaindance_the_dance on December 13th, 2011 11:02 pm (UTC)
I'm so nostalgic about some of the smilies on that site, OMG. ♥

I've been using random-image for ages, so I only have 1 sig tag URL per landcomm and I don't mind copypasting it from a txt file. ;)