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Fringe Blue Layout

Layout modifications/custom layout made for my community.
Dark and very blue.

To use this layout go to Customize.
Find the Expressive theme layout named "River at Night" and apply it.

From theme page set : Two column (sidebar at left). This is the default setting.
To make layout look best do this :
From Display set Additional Options > User pics options all set to "Yes." This is the default setting.
Go to Sidebar and fix up your sidebar as you wish.
Set up tags to display as "List" or "Cloud" as you prefer. Preview shows list.
Important: This layout removes the navigation from the header. You must do this with your links bar to have any navigation links.
Put your navigation links into your sidebar links as shown below.

You will only need to add the profile/user info link if you choose not to display the Profile link in the sidebar.

Now go to Custom CSS and paste in this code:

Images are hosted on imageshack you may want to host them yourself. To change header replace the url and change the height numbers to match your image. Header image must ve 940 pixels wide to fit content (unless you know how to resize the content).
To remove background image just delete line and the url.
Modify codes as you wish.

Header image: http://pics.livejournal.com/shinylunarsea/pic/003243k1
Background tile: http://pics.livejournal.com/shinylunarsea/pic/00320z4s
Blue icon shown in preview: http://pics.livejournal.com/shinylunarsea/pic/0032235t

If you don't have the Windows "Courier New" or "Trebuchet" fonts used in the layout on your computer Bitstream Vera and DejaVu fonts are included in the font stacks as alternates.

Either of the font sets at the sites below should make the layout look similar to the preview.

Thanks to s2expressive.

This is my first layout ever! It's not a complete from scratch layout but I think it's different enough from the base to post as a "new" layout. :)
Tags: custom layout, fringe, graphics: layout, layout
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