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Lost Gifs

These are all
the gifs I've made so far. Many were posted before but the gallery links weren't public. This time I think they might be set correctly? If not then you must be logged in to view.
Gifs previewed once only. For smaller versions/variations see the galleries.
Still thumbnail previews with brief descriptions behind the cut.

medium to large
Lost I Do Lost I Do
Juliet says "Jack" & he gets upset & throws his dinner tray at the glass.
other woman 00001 other woman 00001
Ben says "Hi come in!" to Juliet.
other woman 001 other woman 001
Happy Ben w/ oven mitts saying "never better."
other woman 002 other woman 002
Ben w/ ham.
other woman 004 other woman 004
Ben serves Juliet dinner.
other woman 003 other woman 003
Juliet sips wine Ben carves. [Big version]
follow the leader follow the leader
Richard Alpert is surprised.
The Incident 001 The Incident 001
MiB vs. Jacob (extended)
The Incident 002 The Incident 002
Jacob tells young Kate to "be good."
Small (under 1mb)

other woman mini 009 other woman mini 009
Ben glares evilly!
Across the Sea 023 Across the Sea 023
Jacob drinks Mother is pleased.
815 Over Juliet 815 Over Juliet

Black & white

other woman b&w 001 other woman b&w 001
Ben tells Juliet "...soon enough."
The Incident B & W 002 The Incident B & W 002
Young James "Sawyer" Ford meets Jacob.
Alex slingshot Alex slingshot
Alex aims her slingshot from Lost episode "I Do."

If you know how, feel free to edit these into icons for yourself or to make these smaller for your own usage.
No credit is required for your own edits but if sharing any products of these gifs for others to use a link/credit would be nice because these take a long time to color etc in Gimp.
Tags: gif party supplies, gifs, gimp experiments, lost gifs, lost season 5, lost season 6
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