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27 LOST Wallpapers & More

27 LOST wallpapers plus variations (all requests filled)
25 icons
6 extras
For lost_land's Big Bang challenge.

27 Wallpapers

Across the Sea Ab Aeterno Claire vs Ilana Desmond Hume Will Be My Constant
Con & Cop Past-Future-Past Kate Dude! Jin Gives Sun a Flower
Sawyer Vintage Style Danielle/Ben in What They Died For Kate Pretty Watercolors Smoke this Out
Ben/Juliet in One of Us Driving the Dharma Van Juliet/Ben Se 5 Black & White Kate & Juliet Psychedelic Purples
Locke & Ben Richard & Miles Jack/Juliet One of Us
Shannon Pretty & Pink Ben & Richard  Alpert Daniel & Juliet Moonlight Shore Sun & Jin
Canine of Mystery The Island Needs You L O S T  Plane


Variation Juliet/Ben Se 5 Aqua Grunge

Icons from the teamothers icon battle.

From equanimity23's screen caps

From nighttiming1022's screen caps

From my screen caps

From il_pleut's screen caps


Special Bonus:Bases

You can used these as wallpapers or as bases for you to edit into icons or headers for yourself or others. These are blends of people who were originally in separate pictures.
It would be nice of you to remember to credit me (with my username or a link) for bases if you are using them in your own graphics.

Thank you so much for the many requests/prompts folks! It really helped me feel motivated to make graphics & it was fun to use so many different pairings & characters.

Special screen cap & texture credits: homeofthenutty, daydreamingnet, Lost & Taken Stock Galleries also see "resources" on the sidebar.

♥ Comments are always welcome
♦ Please don't repost to other sites without asking me.
♣ Do you want an icon out of a wallpaper that you had requested? Please ask me and I will see if it's doable for you. Only the "bases" are given for editing into new graphics.
Tags: challenge, icons, lost_land, wallpapers
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