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lost_land's Multi-Media Bingo Card (Completed)
3 pic spams
4 written things
1 drawing (scanned)
5 headers
5 icons plus 3 alternates
2 wallpapers
5 single track fan mixes with lyric/liner art

Feel free to skip the fic, I only write fic when I have to do it and it shows. lol

||| Free Space |||

Haiku: Source

Life, death and rebirth
Is the Heart of the Island.
Water under Earth.

||| Direction |||

Haiku: 815

Boarding pass in hand,
Going North to LA X.
Blue waters, white sand.

||| Soon |||

Haiku: Soon

We all die alone,
Even if we live together.
The night will fall soon.

||| Back |||

Minimum five sentence ficlet: (Kate AU I had to get my favorite Lost theory in here!)

"Well, yes I know how - the Island is now a part of me," Hugo said. "But we know what happened when we tried it in 1977."
He noticed in the late afternoon sun, how the years had changed Kate's pretty face, freckles had faded and the lines around her eyes had gotten deeper.
"You know I'm right, Hugo - no Monster means none of them have to die - Jack would do it for us." she said looking up at him earnestly.
"Jack believed it was his Destiny." Hugo said.
"What if this is my Destiny?" Kate replied.
"If I send you back so far back in time, you'll never be able to come home." Hugo said gravely.
"I keep coming back to this place," she was no longer looking at him but at the waves crashing against the beach "so maybe it's my home, too. There's nothing for me out there, Hugo. I need to try, will you will help me?"
"Yes. But if you get eaten by a giant dino-boar don't say I didn't warn you," he smiled.

(I'm glad that's over. Now for the fun stuff!)

||| Loud |||

Season Two Hatch Blowout (thanks to equanimity23 for the suggestion.)

Please click image for full size (1,580px × 1,186px).

||| Black |||

Wallpaper: Sayid in "Sundown"

Please click image for full size.

||| BIG |||

Single track fanmix: "Big Exit" by PJ Harvey for Kate Austin

Please click image for full size.

Music Links:

Youtube(Live performance) or 4shared

Notes: This song sounds fearless yet frantic at the same time which reminds me of Kate. Plus it has several themes that remind me of the themes and imagery of the series: running away, the end of the world, rain,transition from city to island life (pavement to sand). And of course guns! Finally, Kate and her gun helped send Un-Locke to his "big exit."

||| Pink |||

Header: Daniel/Charlotte

Please click image for full size.

||| Green |||

Picspam: Kate/Sawer in episode 108

Please click image for full size (1,580px × 1,186px).

||| Beauty |||

Drawing (lol) scanned & edited a little in Gimp. Sun & Kate's beauty secrets. Yes, I spelled Kwon wrong.

||| Protect |||

Single track fan mix: "They" by Jem (General)

Please click image for full size.

Music Links:


Notes: For the Protectors of the Island and the Rules they make (or have to follow?) and how they influence reality on the Island and the lives of the people on it.

||| Cold |||

Picspam: Episode 505

Please click image for full size (1,595px × 1,480px).

||| Hairy |||

Header: Desmond/Hugo

||| Silly |||

Single track fan mix:"Samurai" by Tori Amos for Hugo/Dogen

Please click image for full size.

Music Links:

Stream @ GrooveShark
Notes: "I just lied to a Samurai." - Hugo

|||Edge |||

Header: Jack in episode 605

||| Sorry |||

Single track fanmix "Natural Blues" by Moby for Jacob

Please click image for full size.

Music Links:

Yahoo Video or 4shared mp3

Notes: Nobody knows Jacob's troubles, he's so sorry and so sad for causing his brother's death and releasing the Monster. See icon, too.

||| Five |||

Header: Episode 616

Please click image for full size.

||| Pattern |||

Header: Sun/Michael

Please click image for full size.

||| Epic |||

Wallpaper: Hurley in episode 605

Please click image for full size.

||| Home |||

Single track fanmix: "Have no Fear" by Bird York for "The End"

Please click image for full size.

Listen @ Youtube

Notes: I think this song fits the final episodes so well it could have been on the soundtrack.


Joy (Season 1)Lazy (Season 1)Hot(Season 3)Run (Season 2)
Animal (Season 2)Sorry Alt. (Season 5)Edge Alt. (Season 6)Black Alt. (Season 6)

Comments are very much appreciated!
Credit for icons & headers is appreciated, too.


If you haven't already, join lost_land and be sure to join me on teamothers!
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