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Fringe Graphics and a New Community!

fringe_epic icontest
fringe_epic fringe_epic fringe_epic

I totally failed at the "fandom pic of the day" thing right after I started it, I know. But I was learning how to edit Flexible Squares (a little) with CSS and make tables for user infos, all for fringe_epic ! And I made a bunch of related graphics, too. Please check it out and join if you're interested.

Click for Larger

fringe_epic icontest

These are similar to the fringe_epic header & icons but the colors and textures are different.


All of these icons were made using the Fringe first season (?) promo posters which I discovered fit together to make one big poster(!). I'm sure this is old news but I never saw it edited back together so I was excited. Here's my poster edit if you'd like to see it.

*Comments R ♥
*Please comment credit & if you can when using my graphics. Credit is much appreciated. Especially for headers used in layouts. Thanks!
*Please do not alter/edit items this batch and claim as your own these aren't bases - you may ask me anytime to make custom graphics.


Also I have a new layout thanks again to velvetb0x, in my favorite colors! :)
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