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22 August 2010 @ 01:23 pm
Mystery Island Smoothie  
So I've never written a fan fic before! This was fun. I tried to write something silly with obvious Lost quotes,clunky references to things like the numbers and a stupid plot based on my love of smoothies. And I wanted to write something "Team Others" themed so this is how Ben joins the Others in the an alternate sideways universe. ;)

For lost_land's bad fan fic challenge.

Mystery Island Smoothie

"Doc Linus just drink it and you'll see. Tomorrow morning that nasty flu will be all gone!" the man smiled as he stood on the door step holding out a large stainless steel thermos. “And the best part, the Mystery Island Smoothie is all natural!.” Ben narrowed his eyes warily as he took the cup.
I’m too sick to deal with any of this hippie’s crazy antics today. If it wasn't New Age crystal therapy, vitamin supplements or protective ash-filled charm amulets, it was those strange leaflets Lennon kept leaving him with titles like “Finding Your Inner Light” or “Destiny’s Call and You” and “Jacobism the Way to the Light.”
Of course Ben never bothered to read any them but he always took them to be polite to his neighbor.
"You made it yourself, Lennon?” Ben asked his voice horse from coughing all night.
“Not this time Doc. I got it special for you from this new place down on Main and 23rd. My old buddy Dogen and me were there with this girl Cindy, she’s a flight attendant and …”
“Look” Ben cut him off. “I’d be happy to hear all about Dogen and the others when I’m not sick and standing in my bathrobe. And I have to really have feed my rabbit her lunch before going back to bed.”
“Oh say no more Doc. I’ll leave you in peace man. Just remember to drink it all and you’ll feel better.” Lennon turned to leave and Ben quickly shut and locked his door.
Ben muttered as he walked over to the sink. He fully intended to dump the contents of the thermos into the garbage disposal but he stopped. Something about the name “Mystery Island Smoothie” made him want to taste it and it was cool and delicious in his mouth. Even though his sinuses were clogged he and could barely taste or smell anything he could taste the pineapple, orange, mango and something else, an ingredient he couldn’t quite name. It but it was divine. It was cool and yet it was like the warmest brightest ray of sunshine to his tongue.

The next morning when Ben woke his flu was gone he felt completely cured. And as he shaved at himself in the bathroom mirror he noticed his skin seemed to glow with health and even that scar on his hand from when Bunny Eight had bit him while he was cleaning her cage, had completely disappeared.
For once Lennon was right.
Ben thought and he quickly put on his favorite striped shirt, a pair of khakis and jumped into his car.
About fifteen minutes later he arrived at his destination Main and 23rd. There in the shopping center right next to the old dry cleaners was THE ISLAND SMOOTHIE HUT and, a big sign hanging over the door announced its “GRAND OPENING” in obnoxiously bright letters.
There was no clerk at the counter and no customers were inside except for one white haired lady sitting by herself at a small table contently sipping on her drink. Ben walked up to the counter and glanced over the menu. Under the heading “ Island Specials Only $ 2.42 for a Medium” he saw the drinks called Apollo Bar Blast Off, Polar Bear Freeze, Coconut Cooler, Jacob’s De-Light, \Blueberry Ocean Breeze, Magic Island Milkshake (Soy or Organic Diary), MiB’s Mango Surprise, Mother’s Banana Mania, and Black & White Swirl but no Mystery Island Smoothie.

“Hello, may I help you?” Ben was slightly startled by the man’s voice. He turned to see where it had come from. “I’m Richard Alpert the manager and co-owner of this shop.” The well groomed man extended his right hand; he had dark brown hair, thick but well groomed eye brows and wore what appeared to be black eyeliner.
“Doctor Linus, Benjamin Linus, but you can call me Ben.” He didn’t know why but immediately Ben felt a kinship with this strange man.
“Can I get you anything?” Richard asked.
“Actually, I don’t see what I wanted the menu. My neighbor Lennon told me he got it here but he must have been mistaken.”
“He’s not mistaken Ben. It’s not on the menu because we don’t sell it.” Richard stated assuredly.
“What do you mean you don’t sell it? I didn’t even tell you what it was called.”
“Mystery Island Smoothie,” Richard said “and we don’t sell it because we only give to special people. Your neighbor Lennon, I gave him that thermos specifically for you Ben.”
“Who are you people and why are you giving me cool and refreshing drinks? How did it get me well so fast? What was in it?” Ben was beginning to feel confused.
“Don’t be afraid, “Richard replied calmly. “I’m not here to harm you. I’m here to give you an invitation. Be at this address today at 4:08 pm and you will learn all about the Mystery Island Smoothie.” He handed Ben a small slip of paper.” Now if you’ll excuse me I have to attend to my other customers. You’re welcome to try one of our other fine beverage selections”

That afternoon Ben drove to address on the paper Richard had given him. He knew it was crazy but he felt that something had changed in him since he woke up that morning and he needed answers about the Mystery Island Smoothie.

To be continued?

Team Others FTW!

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