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Lost Graphics

New LOST graphics:
2 calendars
1 wall

I made two for LOST but it's sad because May is
the end


Lost Season Six

Image Hosted by

Flashback to Season One

Image Hosted by

Larger Views and Downloads @ my eSnips Album

Calendar sizes 1600x1200,1280x960,1152x864,1024x768
Just ask if you need a smaller size.

"Bonus" graphics - (Recycled calendars!)

Lost final season - icons & header set

1. Image Hosted by 2. Image Hosted by 3. Image Hosted by 4. Image Hosted by

Thanks to lookslikerain @soaked & for all textures
Photos Lost-Media and Daydreaming

*Comments R ♥
*Please comment & credit if you can when using headers and color bars. For icons credit is optional but appreciated.
*Please do not alter items this batch - you may ask me anytime to make custom graphics

Tags: calendars, graphics, lost, wallpaper
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