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Lost Season 5 Character Promo Pictures -108 pics plus 2!

Okay, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I uploaded all the season 5 promos I found so far for my fellow Losties and they are
all high quality
for my fellow Losties who make graphics. ;)

My scrapbook has 29 pictures but the zip and rar files have much more (see below).

Ben_01 Locke_02
LOST - S5 - Kate Austen 08 Juliet_02

The two separate zip/rar files contain
promo pictures in total - excluding the poster art and group pic (used as public preview). Hmmm, 108 pictures? Someone over ABC media must have done that on purpose.

Note, the zip/rar files do not contain the single group cast promo and the poster art - that you'll have to get from my scrapbook.

Download Zip part 1

Download Zip part 2

Download RAR part 1

Download RAR part 2

If you have a problem seeing the gallery, it is friends only so if you can't see it leave me a comment and I'll add you back.

All pictures were found on Celebutopia forums (thanks and credit to Izzie Stevens).
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