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The Colbert Report/Stephen Colbert Mood Theme

Hey everybody, hope you all are doing OK. I know I haven't posted any icons in ages, but I made my first ever mood theme (!!!). I don't know how some people can make so many of these, it took me
long to complete it. Sadly, I don't know if I have any Stephen Colbert fans on my f-list either, but you are out there, I hope you like this mood theme as much as I do. ;)

The Colbert Report/Stephen Colbert 2008 Mood Theme for Livejournal

This mood theme has a unique picture for each mood (133 in all) and is a bit larger than most mood themes with icons of 82x80 pixels. A
smaller version
is also available with 62x60 pixel icons. There are a few "bonus" alternate pictures available, too (see behind the cut for more info).

Complete Preview: >> VIEW <<

Complete Preview of small version: >>VIEW<<

Please credit
luminousdaze somewhere in your profile or if you can't edit your user profile, you can just mention me when commenting in your journal itself if you're using this mood theme.
This way other people can find it, and I spent a lot of time on this (of course it was fun!) because I was making my own caps for the majority of the mood pictures.

Comments are always welcome and are very appreciated.
Thank you!

*** Download Links ***

Download (Zip file)


Download Smaller Version (Zip file)


Download (RAR file)


Download Smaller Version (RAR file)


Inside the zip/rar file there is a "bonus" folder which has eleven alternate mood icons. Some of these alternates are all taken from the same picture as in the complete mood theme folder, only with different crops I also liked. But "blank" "touched" and "intimadated" are completely different pictures. You choose to use any one or more of these mood pics, instead of the ones in the complete set file. However, you cannot set more than icon one per mood at a time on your LiveJournal.

If you are curious where the pictures are from, all except about four pictures are from 2008 episodes of
The Colbert Report
, and a few are from The Global Edition and the Indecision 2008 show.

I noticed a few things wrong with the codes.
If your mood icon for "pissed off" and "dirty (small version) doesn't display correctly please follow the instructions below

For all sizes:
Please try this if the mood icon for "pissed off" doesn't display (it should not be inherited from "angry").
Rename the picture for "pissed off" to "pissed20off" and upload it to Photobucket. Next in the admin codes text file, rename the example link the same way, putting "20" between the spaces. This is the correct code and will display the mood pic:

moodtheme_setpic 12345 24 http://www.hosting.com/pissed20off.jpg 82 80

moodtheme_setpic 12345 24 http://www.hosting.com/pissed20off.jpg 62 60

Paste this into the admin console and click "execute".

For users of the small mood theme only: Please change the pixel size for "dirty" to 62 60 or copy this and paste it over the example URL. In the zip file, I accidentally missed changing the dimensions for that mood.
This is the correct code:
moodtheme_setpic 12345 24 http://www.hosting.com/pissed20off.jpg 62 60

Sorry for the confusion.

>> Help Using Custom Mood Themes << Skip if You are an advanced LJ user

For are very easy to follow instructions for using a making and using custom mood themes go to http://snubbly.livejournal.com/29575.html **This tutorial is recent ( posted by snubbly in 2007) and it's recommended**

or go to an older tutorial


or read LJ's FAQ pages


I also included a quick tutorial by me inside the zip file.

Tags: graphics, mood theme, moodthemes, stephen colbert, the colbert report
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