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New Smallville Icons

20 Smallville icons plus extras
For smvl20in20

Smallville 20 in 20
“Women of Smallville”
#01~Mother #02~Hair #03~Dressed Up#04~Best Friends#05~Guest Star
Category : Black & White
#11 - Category #12 - Category#12- Category
#14 -Category#15- Category
Artist's Choice
#16 - Chosen#17 - Chosen
#18 - Chosen #19- Chosen#20 - Chosen

extras & alternates

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Screen caps by homeofthenutty & Screencap Paradise
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You're not seeing things, for "artist's choice" I chose to do a Lana Lang retro set! Can you imagine? It's been years since I've watched a new episode with Lana I forgot all about why I got so annoyed with her! The only thing I remember annoying me was Clark's over the top obsession with her & all of the Lex/Clark/Lana drama. But now that the series is ending it's all in the past. ;)

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