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My Credits: Screencaps, Images, Fonts, Resources, Hosts, Etc


Textures and Photoshop Brushes

Lost & Taken Textures

lookslikerain @ soaked ~ Hundreds of gorgeous 100x100 & large (desktop wallpaper) sized textures

inxsomniax @ hgx - lots of pretty textures & burshes


erniemay ~ Huge selection of 100x100 & larger textures.


raikune @ iconfizz





azuremonkey @ thefixedfoot

ohfreckle @



crazykira @ deviantART

Kaelien @ deviantArt

phlourish_icons also @




Pfefferminzchen @


colorfilter or @


noisettee and/or luux_lu @ coloured_skies




nikkimisplaced @



Glinted Brush (Brushes, textures, gradients & tutorials for The Gimp) @

spooky_window ~ Lovely large & icon sized textures.

rhcp_csi @ peak77 - Lots of pretty large and icon sized textures.

yunhe @

99mockingbirds @

hellomrfox ~ Paper scans/large textures

sparklpocalypse ~ 1024x768 color textures

mellowmint - Large & icon sized textures and scans

tearjerkericons - Icon sized & larger textures

the_preamble also @ leilax @ DeviantArt

cielo_gris @ velveb0x also @ deviantArt

aaskie @ pixelfun

juanxyo @ terempaty

deliriumblaze ~ Large rainbow/rainbow grunge textures

iconseeyou ~ 100x100 textures


More Photoshop & Gimp Brushes
From these websites and blogs I've downloaded Photoshop & Gimp brushes.

Obsidian Dawn @

Seishido Photoshop Brushes @

Free Photoshop Brushes

touchstonesart @ Touchstone's Art

Design Fruit @ for the Worn Brushes Set (High Res)

Inobscuro - Dark Art & Resources for brushes

500ml Brushes @

hollywood_r_bin for the Smallville/Superman themed "Kryptonian Sketch" & "Daily Planet" brush set

Misprinted Type @

Axeraider70 @ Deviant Art for Photoshop Brush Sets

EmmaAlvarez @ Deviant Art also @

Griatch Art @ Deviant Art for GIMP Rake Tool Brush Set (Animated)

wflu @ Deviant Art for GIMP Crayon Brush Set (Animated)

wickedground @ stormfronticons

TV & Film Pictures & Screen Capture Resources

TV & film screen captures & fandom pictures from Livejournal users/groups
daydreamingnet ~ Jenni Lou @ Daydreaming


fading_tomorrow also @ (Screen Caps by Adriane)



princesskiwi07 @ She Caps That


luux_lu @ coloured_skies

jr24tw - Exclusive & rare tv pics.

andreas_ri - Exclusive fantasy & sci-fi tv pictures & movie and celeb pics.

---- other websites last updated 2011 may contain broken links

Screen Cap Paradise

Pretty As a Picture High quality TV and movie pictures

High quality TV & movies screen caps gallery.

Sparklies Gallery (High res promotional photos for Psych, Medium, Lost etc)


Whisperer, Criminal Minds, The Closer, White Collar, The Mentalist & more.

purple_inthesky caps by luux_lu

jr24tw - Exclusive & rare tv pics.

Last Beautiful Girl


Free Stock Images

Astronomy Images

Some astronomical images I use to make icons, etc. but many times I use astronomical images to add light or textures (usually these are obvious as stars, nebulae etc). All of these images are credited below if I didn't add a credit line when I posted the graphics.

Credit: All Hubble space telescope images are courtesy NASA and STScI

Credit: All SOHO images are courtesy of SOHO (ESA & NASA)

Spitzer Telescope
All Spizter images are courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.

Favorite Free Font Websites

Da Font


Larabie Fonts

Pizza Dude

Fonts for Peas - Free Cute Handwriting Fonts!

Amanda's Fonts

I get the cutest handwriting fonts at Fonts for Peas!

Misprinted Type

The Cumberland Fontworks (Fonts for Gamers)

Harold's Fonts

HPLHS Vintage Prop Fonts

Dieter Steffmann @

Stimuleye Fonts

The Font Garden

The Font Site (a few good free fonts)

Stock Photography

Lost & Taken High Res Photos for Textures

Mayang's Free Textures (Stock Photos)

HTML Aids & Tutorials

LiveJournal Icon Table Generators

sql_girl's creative corner (Also includes banner table generator & a votes counter for icon contests.)

HTML Tutorials

HTML Goodies (Color Codes)

Your HTML Source

Free Image and File Hosting

Favorite Photo Editing/Graphics Software

The Gimp & Gimp Stuff
The Gimp Official Site & Downloads
Gimp Tuts Amazing free resource site has GIMP gradients, brushes, filters & tutorials.
The ones I snagged are listed below.
Gradients by Gimper @ 130 Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles for GIMP (gradients)

Gimp Help

FreeType Plug-In for Gimp (this plug in has become hard to find)
PhotoComix @Deviant Art

Gimp Plug-In Registry

Other good free photo editing/graphics software

Infraview - Easy & Fun Image Viewer

Freeware Plug-ins for Photo Editing (Filters)

Xero Graphics


Other Stuff
Livejournal Application for Firefox 2.0
LJ Hook

Tips to improve your computer's colors (monitor display)

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