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Stephie ❁
21 June 2014 @ 01:43 am

Hello inter-web-wanderers! I mainly use this journal to participate & watch fandom, "land" comms & other interest communities. Particularly, I have an interest in watching & participating in icon & graphics challenge communities. I moderate several of these communities as seen below.

I do not very often make personal entries. However you are welcome to comment if you'd like to be added.
If you have been on my friends-list or in one of my communities & you would like to contact me or say hello, please feel free to comment on this entry or send me a pm.
If you need to cut me from your friends list or you wish to be removed from my watch list, please leave me a comment on this entry.
All comments will be screened.

My Communities

Shire Icontest Fringe Epic Next Icon

My Icons & Graphics

All my textures are available here.

Currently Inactive Communities

island_rumble - an icontest for the sci-fi/fantasy series LOST.
lotr_love - a daily picture community for The Lord of the Rings movies.

Open Communities
815_graphics - a community to post Lost or Lost cast member graphics and icons.
julietbenfans - a shipper community for Lost.
cap_tv_tee - my screen caps.

Current layout by velvetb0x

To view credits/attribution for resources I've used for making icons & graphics please see this entry.
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Stephie ❁
05 November 2015 @ 10:04 am
Icon table for historamedy365.
Claim: Absolutely Fabulous
Status: 12/50
Hover over icons to view themes.

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Stephie ❁
For gameofcards Challenge 4.4 (Big Bang Challenge)

The challenge i picked is to make 300 points worth of items based on one subject (fandom or other).

Chosen Theme: Absolutely Fabulous (tv series)
Media: Graphics & Icons
3 gifs (complex items 10 points each) 30 points
10 new icons (simple items 5 points each) 50 points
20 team sig tags (5 points each) 100 points
Total: 180 points

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Part 1 is here.
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